The Magic Jono show

Age range for shows -  4+  

The Magic Jono Show –

Package 1 – 45 mins - A show full of interactive magic and fun. Magic Jono will magically entertain the children with a fun and lively persona, keeping them interacting with the magic and having fun from start to finish.  Anyone who helps out in the show will receive a reward, made live in the show.

Package 2 – 1 hour - All of Show 1 but with balloon models for everyone.  The balloons are premade and carried to the party for handing out after the show.

Package 3 – 1.5 hours – All of show 1 but with balloon models for everyone, made live at the party.  Time allows for up to 15 balloons to be made live after the magic show.  For larger numbers of children, there is the option to have the balloons simplified so more can be made within the time.

If you would like to book, please click on the link below to contact Magic Jono.


Thank You.