The Magic Jono show

Age range for shows -  4+  

Packages –

The Magic Jono Show – 45 mins - An fun based, interactive magic show that will keep the children interacting with the magic and having fun from start to finish.  Anyone who helps out in the show will receive a balloon model, made live in the show.

For birthday shows, the birthday child will be the star, with a number of opportunities to help out in the show.

The Magic Jono Show + Balloons – 45 min show plus 15 mins to hand out/make one balloon models for everyone.  If time allows then some balloons may be made live.  Otherwise, they are are pre-made and carried to the party for handing out after the show.

The Magic Jono Show + Live balloon modeling – 

1.5 hrs -  45 min show, 45 mins balloons (approx 15 children)

2hrs - 45 min show, 75 mins balloons (approx 25 children)

The balloon models in this package, as with the balloon modeling service, have more character, so take longer to make and are chosen from a balloon menu.

This package is great on its own but can work well when you have more activities available while the balloons are being made, such as a bouncy castle, games and so on.

If you would like to book, please click on the link below to contact Magic Jono.

Thank You.