The Magic Jono show

The Magic Jono show

Age range for show -  4-8 years.  

Show length - 1 hour - approx 40-45mins magic show and 15 - 20 mins for balloon modelling and handing out giveaways.

A show that promises to get everyone joining in with the magic fun, ensuring the little ones are entertained from start to finish.
If the event is a child's birthday, then the Birthday child is made to feel extra special, with an introduction to them at the start of the show, and a special spot for them, later in the show, where they can help out, should they wish to.
Magic Jono loves to have any willing volunteers from the audience, join him on stage to help out with the magic.  Everyone who helps out in the show will receive a magicians assistant medal and a balloon model.

Stage space - The show requires a stage space of   - 

3m wide x 2.5m deep(from front to back) x 2.4m high.  

This space accommodates the stage props and a backdrop.  The backdrop is mainly for aesthetic and ambience purposes and can be removed, if space is an issue.  

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